Wet Your Plants, Not your Pants.

Say no to incontinence

Bid farewell to the challenges of incontinence as EMSELLA provides a non-invasive solution, allowing you to reclaim control and enjoy life without worrying about unexpected leaks. Embrace a future where you can confidently say no to incontinence and yes to a more liberated and carefree lifestyle.

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BTL Emsella Treatment in Lawrenceville, GA

Improve Your Pelvic Floor & Well-being

A non-invasive treatment for bladder control, leakage, and incontinence

Many people experience bladder control symptoms as they age. A weakened pelvic floor can cause symptoms like an uncontrolled sense of urgency or urinary incontinence.

This can add stress to your life and have a dramatic effect on your daily routine and hinder your sense of freedom. Our Emsella treatment at Gynecology Associates of Gwinnett can strengthen your pelvic floor to improve a variety of symptoms—all no downtime and no surgery.

Treatment Highlights

  • Treatment Time:
    28 minutes
  • Recovery Period:

Emsella works to help rehabilitate your pelvic floor muscles by stimulating thousands of muscle contractions. This treatment is fast, easy, and pain-free.

Treatable Conditions:


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