Long-Term Birth Control

Permanent Birth Control GwinnettSterilization is a long-term solution for preventing pregnancy. While it can be difficult to reverse and is unable to protect against STDs, long-term birth control is extremely effective. The various forms of female sterilization options we offer within our gynecology practice include Essure® and tubal ligation surgery. Each of these options have different benefits for each woman and it is something that we will explore during your female sterilization consultation.

Essure® is a small hormone-free birth control device that is thread through the vagina, into the uterus, and into the fallopian tubes – so you’d be receiving two total Essure® devices, one inserted into each tube. The Essure® device’s coil-like shape causes scar tissue to build up and block the tubes over time.

Tubal ligation, also called female sterilization, is a surgical procedure that “ties together” the fallopian tubes to prevent egg transportation to the uterus. Sperm are also blocked from traveling up the tubes to where fertilization naturally occurs. Tubal ligation is not performed at Gynecology Associates of Gwinnett but rather in a surgical setting like an affiliated hospital or outpatient surgery center. Dr. Gould has privileges at Gwinnett Medical Center and Eastside Medical Center. Our trained providers utilize advanced laparoscopic surgery techniques to assist in the sealing shut of the fallopian tubes and getting you back home within a few hours of your procedure and quickly back to your routine schedule.


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