5 Vaginal Health Facts Every Woman Should Know


Despite the fact that every woman has a vagina, the reproductive organ can still seem like a bit of a mystery to many women. The vagina is a complex organ responsible for far more than the quality of a woman’s sex life. A woman’s vagina can provide immense pleasure, annoying pain, as well as vital information about the state of your reproductive and overall physical health. Since there is so much to know, our board-certified gynecologists are happy to provide some useful facts every woman should know about their vaginal health.

The Vagina is Actually Acidic
The average vagina has a pH level of about 4, similar to a glass of wine. Although it may sound odd, a little acidity is actually a good thing. This pH level works to help keep a healthy balance between the good bacteria (lactobacilli) and the bad bacteria that can cause odor, irritation, and sometimes vaginal infection.

The Vagina is Able to Clean Itself
Be careful when using certain feminine hygiene products. Many intravaginal products and washes can throw off your pH levels and actually increase your risk of developing vaginal infections like yeast infections. We recommend sticking to good old fashioned soap and water.

Diet Affects Vaginal Health
Following a balanced, nutritious diet and staying hydrated are both crucial components to maintaining good vaginal health. Cutting down on sugar, which can aid in yeast production and potentially lead to vaginal infection, is typically recommended. Certain foods like probiotic yogurt may be able to help treat certain vaginal health problems.

There’s no Need to Panic if the Outer Area Seems Discolored
It’s not uncommon for the shade of your vaginal region to not match the tone of the rest of your skin. Many women with lighter skin tones may have brown or purplish skin around the labia. A woman can have different pigments in different areas of her body. This is natural and not a sign of any health issue.

Vaginal Pain is often Caused by Vaginismus
The most common cause of vaginal pain is a condition known as vaginismus. Vaginismus occurs when the vaginal muscles involuntarily or persistently contract during any form of vaginal penetration. These involuntary muscle contractions make it difficult to have sex, use a tampon, or undergo a gynecological exam without pain. Here at Gynecology Associates of Gwinnett, we can help women who experience vaginismus pain by treating it with Botox® injections or FemTouch™ Non-Surgical Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation.

For more vaginal health tips, we encourage you to follow along with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Achieving the best-possible reproductive health can be a challenge. But the first step to achieving this goal is getting to know your vagina and understanding what it means for it to be healthy. To request an appointment, please contact board-certified gynecologist Dr. Kristine Gould at Gynecology Associates of Gwinnett today.


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