Preventative Care

Comprehensive Exams For Your Wellbeing

to help ensure our patients’ continued reproductive health by identifying any potential gynecological problems before they become serious concerns. We recommend that most women begin undergoing regular well woman exams every year once they are over 18 years old or once they become or think they may become sexually active. In cases where a patient has a history of certain specific health issues or underlying conditions we may recommend modified schedules, and a teen can be seen starting at age 14 if necessary to address various concerns not normally handled by pediatricians.


A Typical Well Woman Exam May Include

  • Full Pelvic Exam
    This includes both a visual and physical examination of a woman’s reproductive organs, including the vagina, cervix, fallopian tubes, vulva, ovaries, and uterus.
  • Pap Smear
    Pap Smears use a sample of cells taken from the cervix to test for cervical cancer and in some cases for the presence of the human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Clinical Breast Examination (CBE)
    This exam checks for the presence of lumps or other abnormalities that may indicate breast cancer
  • Immunizations
    Immunizations prevent occurrences of HPV or other diseases, as needed
  • Other Procedures & Lab Tests
    Tests like urinalysis, blood tests, or testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, as needed, based on the individual patient’s needs and history

A well woman exam may also be part of an overall health examination

that includes an assessment of the patient’s blood pressure, weight, and body mass index, as well as a palpation of the abdomen and lymph nodes. This can be an excellent opportunity to bring any questions or concerns that you have to our attention, so that you may get a better understanding of exactly what you need to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Kristine Gould and the rest of the experienced medical staff at Gynecology of Gwinnett make patient comfort a top priority and will do everything within their power to ensure that all exams are performed with the utmost privacy, discretion, and comfort.

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Health Screenings

In addition to the specialized services that we provide during a Well Woman Exam we also perform a variety of routine labs. We believe that regular health screenings are one of the best ways to ensure that you enjoy optimal health for many years to come.

Tests Include

High cholesterol and triglycerides can cause a build-up of plaques in your arteries. These may lead to atherosclerosis, a condition wherein narrowed or blocked arteries throughout your body result in increased blood pressure and hypertension.

Electrolytes are vital salts and minerals present in the blood, like sodium, potassium, and bicarbonate. Certain conditions or medications can disrupt the balance of the body’s electrolytes, potentially impairing function or signaling a more serious concern.

A comprehensive metabolic panel consists of several tests that screen for damage that may have been caused to the liver and/or kidneys, particularly if someone has a condition or is taking a drug that may adversely affect these organs.

The thyroid is a small gland located in your neck that is responsible for helping to regulate many of the body’s processes, including metabolism, energy generation, and mood. Monitoring the levels of hormones produced by the thyroid is an important first step in diagnosing a number of conditions.

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