what is Sonohysterogram?

With a sonohysterogram, your doctor will be able to safely find the root cause of your uterine problems. It is basically a special type of ultrasound examination where the transducer (a.k.a. slim wand) is placed inside your vagina. Our specialists at Gynecology Associates of Gwinnett can perform safe and painless sonohysterogram procedures to take a look at the inside of your uterus — allowing us to recommend the best treatment for you.

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Woman undergoing ultrasound scan in clinic
Interior of examination room with ultrasonography machine in hospital

Sonohysterogram FAQs

Your doctor may recommend a sonohysterogram if you experience abnormal uterine bleeding and repeated miscarriage. This test allows your doctor to examine the structure and lining of your uterus — accurately diagnosing your medical condition.

A sonohysterogram is a relatively quick procedure that requires little to no downtime. You can go home right away after your procedure and go back to your normal routine. However, you may notice spotting and mild cramping for a few days. If this happens, you can take anti-inflammation medications to relieve the pain.

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