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This is the best experience I have had. I’ve tried numerous exercises and exhausting hormone treatment plans without success. Dr. Gould is an amazing listener. She truly loves to help. The staff is great, too. Thank you Gary for making each of my visits extremely pleasant. I am enjoying the benefits of the Emsella simulations. Lawanda
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I first met Dr. Gould when I was pregnant with my older child 10 years ago. One thing was evident from that first appointment - she was not like any other doctor I had ever seen. Dr. Gould treated me as a person, not a patient or a walking medical chart. I chose to stick with her after my first child was born...and requested she perform my C-Section with my second child.

We all know that gynecological exams and procedures tend to be awkward and uncomfortable but because of Dr. Gould's personal attention, kind nature and sense of humor, I find myself looking forward to appointments! She takes the time to discuss any concerns I may have, even if they are not necessarily medical in nature, explains procedures thoroughly and then takes a few moments to discuss life in general. I have had some minor problems and she gave me options along with detailed explanations of procedures and helped me choose the best solution for my family and me. An appointment with Dr. Gould has never felt cold or clinical because she invests herself in her patients and treats them with the care and respect she would want herself. Choosing her as my gynecologist was the best medical decision I ever made!
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Doctor Gould, I want to thank you for being a very special doctor. I was so impressed with you during my first visit, you made me feel important to you that you really cared for my wellbeing as a patient. Doctors like you are very rare. I have recommended you to my friends and from their first visit they feel the same. Thank you for being a wonderful doctor.
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I came to Dr. Kristine Gould in my pre-menopausal 40's and she has given me the great care that all women need for their Gynecological Health. Kristine is always able to answer my questions in a knowledgeable, straight forward and positive manner. She guided me through 10+ years with outstanding advice. In addition, Dr. Gould and her office staff create an environment that is caring and nurturing to her patients.
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Dr. Gould is an amazing gynecoligist with the perfect bedside manner. She carefully walked me through what I could expect during my hysterectomy in 2015. Every aspect of her service from pre-consultation, surgery, and post-surgery was met with concern for my overall health and well-being. She is the best and I highly recommend her.
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I first went to Dr. Gould a few months after my 44th birthday for consultation on FemTouch™ Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation. I was experiencing vaginal dryness which made intercourse very uncomfortable. Whenever my husband and I became intimate, it was more of me trying to please him and getting it over with. There wasn't any satisfaction in it for me due to the lack of lubrication. I did three sessions of the FemTouch™ procedure and I experienced a positive change after the first session. I found that my body was creating it's own lubricant. Intimacy was becoming fun again. After the third session, I felt like I was back to being 20 something with an increased libido. I now had something to look forward to. I would highly recommend this procedure for any woman that is looking to improve vaginal dryness. I did not experience any side effects. No bleeding. And each session took just 5-10 mins and did not interfere with my work schedule. This has been one of the best things that I have ever done for myself and inadvertently for my husband. Thank you Dr. Gould.
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Dear Dr. Gould and staff, I’m not exactly sure where to begin. This experience was truly unique and unexpected. I am so impressed by your genuine care and heartfelt concern. You are a true testament to the medical profession. It is an honor to be considered as one of your new patients. I was so impressed by all the options you had to offer me. I was confident that I had chose the right doctor for the first time. It sure feels good not having to second guess my decision. Your staff was warm and welcoming and made my visit very pleasant. Warmest Regards.
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