Benefits of a Well Woman Exam


An important factor for any woman trying to maintain their wellness is an attentive, proactive approach to reproductive health. A clean, healthy lifestyle can go a long way, but reproductive health issues can still arise. That’s why at Gynecology Associates of Gwinnett, we emphasize the importance of annual Well Woman Examinations to help ensure our patients’ continued reproductive health by identifying any potential gynecological problems before they become serious concerns.

Additionally, a well woman exam can be an excellent opportunity to form a more personal bond with your gynecologist. During your Well Woman Exam, you should feel free to discuss topics like menopause, fertility and whatever other gynecological questions that may be on your mind. Ideally, your gynecologist should feel like a partner, working in tandem with you towards a goal of superlative reproductive health.

Your Well Woman Examination may consist of any of the following services:

Health Screening

A general gynecological health screening is one of the primary functions of the Well Woman Exam. As part of your health screening, you will undergo a full pelvic examination to gauge the health of your reproductive organs, including the vagina, cervix, fallopian tubes, vulva, ovaries, and uterus. Other testing and laboratory work like a urinalysis, blood tests, or testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases may take place as well. If necessary, we may also run a cholesterol test and check on the health of your kidneys, liver and thyroid to better understand the full scope of your reproductive health.

Gynecological Cancer Screening

Detecting gynecological cancer early is a vital part of treating it effectively. It’s essential to diagnose any form of cancer early, before it has had an opportunity to grow or spread. This is why our Well Woman Examinations include cancer screening tests designed to detect various forms of cancer before any outward signs or symptoms are evident. During a Well Woman Exam at GAoG, we will screen you for a number of gynecological cancers including a clinical breast examination for the detection of potential breast cancers, a pap smear to detect possible cervical cancer, as well as testing for colon cancer, endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer.


We provide immunizations to prevent the Human papillomavirus (HPV) and other diseases, if needed.

At GAoG, patient comfort is our top priority. Founder Dr. Kristine Gould and the rest of the experienced staff will do everything within their power to ensure that all exams are performed with the utmost privacy, discretion and comfort for each and every patient. To schedule your annual Well Woman Examination, contact Gynecology Associates of Gwinnett today at (678) 380-1980.


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