Female Concerns

Our focus is serving our patients

At Gynecology Associates of Gwinnett, our focus is serving our patients in the most complete and comfortable way possible. Female concerns can be particularly distressing for many women – especially when they’re sent from one unfamiliar doctor to the next. That’s why we’re dedicated to performing a wide variety of procedures in our comfortable office setting and allowing patients to receive these procedures from founder Dr. Kristine Gould, the primary gynecologist they already know and trust.

From exams to diagnostic testing to treatment, Dr. Gould offers each of her patients the personalized attention they deserve and works with each patient on an individualized basis to provide the care they need at each stage of life.


In addition to annual wellness exams and birth control,

Dr. Gould offers services and procedures related to the following gynecological concerns:

Explore our website to learn more about the services we provide to women of all ages. To discuss your reproductive health concerns, request an appointment at Gynecology of Gwinnett.

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